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5 Science-Backed Design Tips for a Cosier Home

It’s safe to assume a cosy home is something we all desire. After a stressful day at work, we want to rest and recharge in a home that’s warm, cosy, and inviting. However, there are instances when our home fails to provide the comfort we yearn for.

The cosiness of any home is a product of careful and strategic planning. Make your home a serene, cosy, and comfortable place by using the following scientifically-backed design tips.

Allow natural light to enter the house.

Allowing natural light into the house is something many Singapore architects recommend. This is not really surprising as letting natural light in can provide a lot of benefits that are hard to miss. For starters:

  • it can help reduce electricity cost since you’ll be using artificial lighting sources less
  • it can give your home a fresher ambiance
  • it can help improve the circadian rhythm of the people living in the house

The human body adapts naturally to the effects of sunlight. Sunshine wakes up the senses and helps keep one awake throughout the day. Natural light also makes it easy for the eyes to transition once the sun goes down.

Balance colour, pattern, and texture.

Another common denominator among cosy homes is the right balance of colour, pattern, and texture. Most people think these features are purely for aesthetic purposes. However, they actually offer so much more than just attractive visuals.

This might not be common knowledge but the right balance of colour, pattern, and texture can dramatically improve the overall look and feel of the house. In addition, it can also help improve your psychological well-being.

Case in point: patterns will not only help make the house stand out, it can also help boost insightfulness and creativity. In addition, your choice of colours can help you achieve the kind of ambiance you are looking for. Texture on the other hand can add depth to your house.

Opt for curved architectural designs.

Singapore architects recommend curved designs for a reason. Curved designs will not only make your house distinctive, they can do wonders for your well-being as well. For instance, psychologically, curved lines and patterns can help relax the mind and can help you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Invest in outdoor space.

Having an outdoor space will not only make your space more welcoming, it can also make your place look and feel cosier. In line with this, consider having a small garden in your property so you’ll have a place where you can just sit, relax, and just be one with nature. If you live in a condo, you can still add an element of nature in your balcony or terrace by adding house plants.

Bring nature indoors.

Lastly, if you have limited space at home and cannot accommodate an outdoor garden, consider bringing nature indoors instead. As mentioned above, investing in house plants would be a good idea. Oftentimes, house plants are easy to look after and can easily thrive even while indoors.

Succulents are also ideal centerpieces since they add to the home’s cosiness while requiring low maintenance. Moreover, house plants will not only make good accents, they can also help keep air circulation inside the house fresh.


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